Racial Discrimination Among Children


Race is defined as a cluster of local population that differs genetically from other cluster of populations. It was developed that there is a biological classification system in race classification of humans which established a framework for analyzing race and also racial differences for the next hundred years. There were two theories propounded by different scientist who says that humans were one species and that race represents variation in the human species and different races represent different species. Then there was an abolition movement in 19th century in which African were slaves in order to influence political power and public opinion. In Eighteenth and Nineteenth century all the scientist was prejudiced by illumination of philosophers and innovated a system to categorize nature stuffs this also includes humans. In 17th century all people were considered to be son of God but later on as the time passes there differentiation among humans on the basis of color that led to racial discrimination.

Genetic variation means when the alleles of genes occurs both within and among populations and this variation is brought out my mutation which result in a permanent change in the chemical structure of a gene which cannot be changed through skin laser treatment. Ever since complexion is a rigid selective force and the same complexions can result from convergent alteration in spite of other factors. People who are living close to equator are highly dark pigmented and those living near the poles are lightly pigmented. But now this scenario has been changed with the advancement of technology and environment change.

Population concept means the distribution and changes of allele frequency in a population. It also takes considers other factors also like recombination, population division and also population structure. Essentialist means that the human species are divided into races which are defined by anatomical features and there are individual variations and mixtures between races that cannot be changed through laser skin resurfacing in Adelaide.

An experiment was conducted where black children were asked to color the doll they either color it with white or yellow crayon. This shows that discrimination, segregation and inequity was the reason of the feeling of inferiority and self-hatred in black children. This discrimination is coming since many past years which have not yet been changed in the present also. Since nobody knows who their ancestral are it is just the color complexion that is judging the fate of the child. People who are living close to equator are highly dark pigmented and those living near the poles are lightly pigmented and many times mating of genes also plays a role in the color of the child. Mostly black are considered to be ugly looking and they are treated as Africans. It has created differentiation among children at a very young age.