Power Foods To Incorporate Today

oilsWith an increasing amount of attention to our lifestyles as of late, a great many foods have been making their way into our radar. In particular power foods have been gaining a lot of attention and with good reason too. Given the amount of pollutants we are exposed to on any given day, the least we can do is flush them all out of our body as much as we can. The best way to do this is by eating and exercising correctly. What you put in shows out, so make sure it is good. Have a look at these super-foods that are hailed the world over for their potency.

Packed with good fats also known as monounsaturated fats, avocados are such a versatile food option. It can be used in a salad, as a spread on toast, as a smoothie and its skin can be used on yours for an all-natural face mask. It is filling, delicious and available abundantly for your indulgence. Plus, they are great at any time of the day; breakfast, after lunch, or after dinner. Some like to mix the pulp with a bit of coconut oil for a nourishing facial.
Before you turn your nose up at this option, hear it out. Oatmeal on the surface looks bland and uninteresting which is why many choose to pass it by. However, if you get creative and make an effort to incorporate it into your meals on a daily basis you will soon begin to notice a difference. It is full of fibre which we need to help in digestion and keep us fuller for longer. For those trying to shape-up, it is fantastic for burning off the belly fat. It can be dressed up with berries, honey, or cinnamon, all equally healthy accompaniments. The options is delicious for breakfast in particular and gives you the right start to your day.
Omega-3 fatty acids are a necessity although not many of us are ingesting as much of it as we should be. One of the best ways to get it is by eating salmon, which you can drizzle with a bit of olive or even coconut oil, both good for you. Make sure you know to tell good salmon apart from the bad; in other words wild salmon from salmon which has been farmed. One is rosier whilst the other is paler in comparison.
If you run an internet search on healthy foods, you are likely to drown in a ridiculous amount of information that will unsurprisingly confuse you. Instead of trying to accept it all as fact, what you can do is base it on science and back your research up. You might need to speak with your doctor too before making a solid meal plan if you have any other illnesses to factor into the equation. Work together to optimize your health not just blindly follow everything you read!