First Time Threading? What To Expect

Are you new to threading? Don’t know what to expect? Don’t worry – everyone is a beginner at first! Threading is a wonderful practice created by the Ancient Indians over six thousand years ago; the fact that it’s still practised today is a good testament to how effective and advantageous it is over other modern methods of hair removal. Threading consists of using cotton or polyester threads to pluck off facial hair – most usually eyebrows and the facial hair you often find above your upper lip. Read on below to find out what to do and expect during a threading appointment!

Before the Appointment

Know that threading can cause your face to redden and puff up – as such, dates and other important engagements (to which you’re obviously preparing yourself for!) cannot take place right after your appointment, unless you want to look all reddened! Leave yourself room to rest – at least one hour (but two to three hours is recommended) – and for the swelling to go down. Another point to keep in mind is that you should go to your appointment make-up free: eyebrow shaping can cause your make-up to smudge all over since you will have to stretch your face to keep the skin taut, and you might even end up crying! Click here for more info on eyebrow shaping in Melbourne.

During the Appointment

It is not unusual for threaders to not seek your advice and get right to work on your eyebrows, but even the best eyebrow threaders will be grateful and receptive if you could mention any preferences you have (for example, you could quote the styles of any celebrities you like), to avoid doing something you don’t like. Also, since it’s your first time, make sure you let the threader know about it – she will gladly explain the procedure and answer any questions you might have.

After the Appointment

Once the threading is done, the threader will hand you a hand-held mirror to check your eyebrows. The difference might overwhelm you and lead you into thinking that there is nothing else to be done – that your eyebrows are perfect – but don’t rush so much. Take time and observe carefully, and see if there are any places to adjust. If there are, make sure to tell the threader about it!

Once you’re finished with threading, the assistants will offer you an aloe vera lotion, it will help soothe your skin and decrease any swelling and redness you had considerably. Some salons might also offer you a special head massage treatment – be sure to accept it, for it will make you forget any pain you experienced during threading and leave you pleasantly relaxed!