Care Tips For Your Locks After Color Treatment

Many of us are excited about color treatment procedures as it helps us flaunt different shades on our mane. However, there are certain aspects of care that should not be ignored if you want to maintain lustrous locks even after subjecting them to the chemicals of color treatments.

Choosing the right color treatment

The kind of color treatment you opt for your hair will go a long way to determine how your hair will feel and behave. For that reason it is important to discuss with your trusted hairdresser what kind of color treatment you have in mind and what brands to consider. At the time of choosing a color for your hair, you need to choose a shade that would compliment your skin tone. As the colors often look different on a pack than they do on the hair strands, many hair dressers also have hair catalogues of human hair colored with particular shades to help customers decide on a color shade. At the time of choosing a color, brand, it is important to consider feedback from the hair stylists as to the chemical makeup of such products and the lasting effects of using a product versus others.

Immediate precautions after color treatment

It takes several hours for any color to bond with your original hair color and create a distinct new shade or hue. While the right steps are taken at any hair salon you visit, you need to take proper precautions after you have undergone a hair color treatment. In order to prevent damage and harshness from setting in your colored hair, you need to protect your hair from immediate sun exposure. Even in the days after your color treatment, it would be advisable to use UV enhanced shampoo and conditioner products. Nowadays there are different ranges of hair care products for colored hair that help to protect from chemical damage and damages caused by sun exposure. It is advisable that you invest in such hair care products and use them regularly to enhance the color shade of your hair and prevent dryness from setting in your colored locks. Visit this link for more info on hair salon Kensington.

What to avoid?

When you have colored your hair, it would be advisable that you reduce sun exposure as well as exposure to steam or sauna in spas immediate after your color treatment. Use hair oil overnight that will help to nourish the roots and soften your hair when you wash it the following morning. If you have dry hair by nature, use of a leave in conditioner will help to provide the extra amount of protection to seal natural moisture in your locks.