6 Simple Fashion Tips

Modern fashion is overtly obsessed with obscenely expensive branded clothes and accessories. However, looking stylish goes beyond simply wearing the latest trends. So, here are several high fashion tips that you don’t usually find in fashion magazines:

1.      Bright Smile
Your Givenchy dinner dress will not be complete without a big and bright smile. Do you see grimacing celebrities on the red carpet? No. That’s because your outfit will only make you look good with a smile to compliment it. Practice smiling naturally in front of a mirror. Also, you can try teeth bleaching to make your pearly whites stand out.

2.      Composure
You must have the proper composure to look good in your outfits. For example, remember Miley Cyrus slouching in a shoulder-less dress at the Oscars? Everyone does, and not the right reason. No matter how gorgeous your outfit is or how much teeth bleaching you have done, none of it will matter if your composure with wrong. So, learn to keep your spine straight and shoulders up.

3.      Confident Poses
There is no better accessory than confidence. Employing a confident “power” pose will make you look and feel good. It will also change how others perceive you and more will take you seriously. So, don’t be nervous in stylish outfits. Be confident, and pose accordingly.

4.      Proper Walk
Learning how to walk properly is important to your bone health as well as looking good. Go to an orthopedic doctor as ask if you are walking properly. If not, work with a physical trainer or appropriate personnel to perfect your walk. This is not limited to the catwalk. Walking right on the street matters too for looking stylish.

5.      Matching Colors
Make sure all the colors in your outfits, including the dress, shoes and the accessories, complement each other. If you choose mismatching colors, you will end up looking like a badly done watercolor painting. So, pay attention to the colors of the overall outfit, alongside the colors for the individual pieces.

6.      Thinking outside the Box
When it comes to fashion, it’s important to think outside the box. You don’t want to be a mere follower of trends, you want to set trends, and more importantly, have your own unique sense of style. Wearing stock outfits will not do. Be adventurous and try different types of clothing that you don’t usually wear. You will soon be able to find your own unique voice in fashion.

Think carefully about the above mentioned. Fashion is more than what’s on the magazine covers, it’s art and a powerful expression of individuality.